Activities Provided and Enjoyed.

Activities and Facilities at Stoneyhill Playgroup, Musselburgh

The Playgroup provides a variety of activities to keep the children amused and entertained throughout the session. The focus on play is key to developing a learning strategy that the children enjoy and are willing to take part in.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for new activities then please visit our "Quick Form" and drop us your suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

Free Play Activities.

Large Free Play AreaClimbing frame and SlidesThe play leaders all have favourite activities and Elliot is the man to get our children moving, his ability to engage with the children is a fantastic catalyst in the free play areas of the group. We are lucky to have such a large play area and there is plenty of space to allow the children to use scooters, small bikes and trikes prams, tractors, balls hula hops and without the risk of accidents. keeping the children motivated and moving develops spacial awareness and helps to relieve tension ready for the other activities that may require a little more focus.

Arts and Crafts.

The team regularly undertake arts and crafts with the children. Many of the activities are decided upon by the children themselves and the team provide all manner of hardware and equipment to build, draw, create and hopefully send home to parents.

It is important to the children to complete and take away craft tasks and to receive positive encouragement and feed back from their parents as this helps to build their confidence.

Water and Sand.

As popular as ever the sand and water tables are a constant reminder of what it Sand and Water Tables at Stoneyhill Playgroup.was like when we attended playgroup.... The children love to use the sand to build and make models, while the water table and associated fountains has always been a favorite. The children are provided with bibs to protect their clothing but they are always going to get wet a little... Thats half the fun..

Puzzles and Games.

Puzzles, Games,Lego and Jigsaws at Stoneyhill PlaygroupThe team have a fantastic selection of puzzles, games, lego and jigsaws to stimulate and help develop concentration and attention levels. Most importantly however these toys help us to reinforce, praise and empower children. Every opportunity is taken to build confidence and puzzles are great for this.


Role Play and Dressing Up.

Role play dressing up and interaction in familiar environments all help to build confident and independent individuals. The Playgroup has a varied selection of room layouts, and fancy dress costumes to keep the children entertained.


Getting Outdoors, when we can!

The weather is not always great but whenever possible we try to take groups out of the Playgroup and onto the playing fields. We are very lucky to have such a large expanse of clean managed playing surface and thank Musselburgh Rugby for allowing us to run around when the weather permits.

Getting the children outdoors allows us to involve the children in ball games and sports activities without restrictions indoors can bring. It can be a real work out for the team as managing 20+ under three's on a rugby pitch can be tricky but the kids love it.


5 Key Areas of Development:

Positive Outcomes for Scotland's Children and Families

Pre-Birth to Three: Positive Outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families.
For more information please download the guidance document.

The 4 Key Principles:

Key Principles - Rights of the Child
Rights of the Child:
All staff working with children have an important role to play in ensuring that children’s rights are safeguarded and actively promoted.
Key Principles - Relationships

It is essential that all staff working with children are aware of their responsibilities in ensuring and promoting positive relationships and the impact this has on children’s future outcomes and life chances.

Key Principles - Responsive Care
Responsive Care:

Adults need to demonstrate a sensitive and caring approach through words and facial expressions. Providing companionship, time and physical affection is essential if children are to feel, safe, secure and valued.

Key Principles - Respect

Children gain confidence and feel respected when they
can see that their opinions shape and inform decisions that affect them.

9 Principles - In Practice: