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Sorry to See You Go......


The team builds a strong bond with all the children who attend the Playgroup and at this time of year many of our children are moving up to their chosen Nurseries throughout the East Lothian area.

This is a fantastic and exciting time for your child. We hope that the confidence and friendships they have gained whilst attending the Playgroup help in making this transition as enjoyable as possible.

The team are very proud of their childeren and are happy to watch them grow and develop as little people, but we are always sorry to see them go.

No doubt we will catch up with parents and children at various events around the area and look forward to hearing all the stories when we meet again.

We wish our children all the very best for the future and to our parents we thank you for your time and efforts with the playgroup over the weeks, months or years that you have been involved.

Stoneyhill Playgroup term breaks follw the East Lothian Council Schools term times. Please visit the East Lothian Schools Term Information pages on teh WWW for more details.

Tissue Issue - Donations.

The Playgroup goes through a vast amount of tissues and baby wipes and would appreciate any donations to replenish our stock.

Please contact to let us know if you can help with any kind of donation for the Playgroup or contact Sharon or one of the team when you drop or collect the children

Name Tags, Bags & Coats.

Can all parents remember to ensure that all bags and coats have name tags on them. coats should be hung in the foyer and we will maintain the bags on the stage in the hall. Many thanks

Playgroup Feedback Questionnaires

Many thanks to those parents that took the time to return the Parent/Child Feedback Questionnaires issued recently. It is important that we update and build on the services we provide to your children and key to this is to review your requests and suggestions.

The care inspectorate encourage playgroups to involve parents and carers in the development of the activities and services offered to build a strong and committed relationship. This proactive and collaborative approach is aimed at bringing the entire community together ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to contribute equally.

Every suggestion is considered and wherever possible the team will either work with parents to develop ideas or advise why we are unable to accommodate. We are very pleased with the recent suggestions and are happy to report that we have incorporated most of these into the curriculum for the coming year.

Many thanks again to all who contributed.

Activities and Events:

Fundraising and Events - Details to Follow

The Playgroup will update this section with and details of fundraising and event successes as they are received and completed

Family Summer Disco - TBC

As usual the Playgroup intends to hold their annual Summer Family Disco to be held some time in June.

The event is always very well attended by parents, grandparents friends and the children themselves and we look forward to seeing everyone there.

The committee works very hard to ensure these events are coordinated and the funds raised go towards the upkeep and success of the Playgroup.

As soon as more details are available we will let everyone know.

Policies and Procedures:

As part of the running of the Playgroup it falls to the team to deliver, updated policies and procedures associated with the safe running of the facility.

The web site now has a compliance page and we will include all policies, procedures and training overviews for the team here.

Committee Membership Requirements

Commitee Members Needed.The playgroup needs to have a committee of parents to run effectively. Local Authority guidelines and the Care Inspectorate regulations insist that a committee must be in place otherwise the Playgroup will not run.

If you are interested in joining the committee then please let us know and we can advise on the actions and responsibilities expected of committee members.

News Topics

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  • Name Tags - Bags and Coats
  • Playgroup Feedback Questionnaires
  • Activities & Events
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  • How are We Doing - Online Form

Play leader Training:

News One

Training and Development:

The Play leaders have undergone various training delivered by the teams at East Lothian Council and the Midlothian Association of Play. The following areas have been covered by the team:

Infection Control:

Updates on the latest practice and procedures in relation to health and hygiene practices.

Equality and Inclusion:

Review and update our policies associated with the delivery of a non discriminatory service. The Playgroup are committed to providing a service that welcomes all families encouraging children and parents to interact and understand cultures and values of others.

Child Protection:

Regular updates to Scottish Government Legislation and by other regulatory bodies means that the team have a long list of training requirements associated with this topic.

The team is committed to providing the best quality service to their children and parents therefore it is important that we fully understand these requirements and regulations and how to implement and take action where necessary.

First aid Training:

First aid training is carried out every 3 years and the Play leaders are all required to attend as part of their basic training.

Children Learning Stories

News One
Childrens Learning Stories

are simple short progress reports on your childs time at the Playgroup.

Each play leader is assigned key children to work with and report on. The areas covered include emotional observations, social interaction, language & communication Knowledge & understanding, aesthetic/creative and physical development.

The notes are gathered by observation and interaction and the report is not intended to be a school style report, more of a record that you can look at and build on if you wish to.

Our team are proud to have the time with your children and are happy to discuss activities, actions and comments that are included in these simple reports.

We have included an example of a report to give you an idea of the content.

How are we Doing?

News Two
Feedback is Important

We would appreciate your comments and suggestions and to help gather your feedback we have created a "Quick Contact" form on the web site.

We will be adding more detail to the forms section in the future and hope to have specific questionnaires that can completed online and returned to us. The most recent parent/child questionnaires have been pulled together and will be issued via the web site for your information.